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Friday, May 27, 2005

Due to some graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised.

Jack Bauer

Or so they say before each episode of 24. You want to tell me what's wrong with the endless torturing of prisoners and/or innocents, be my guest. 'Cause I don't get it.

So the fourth day of Jack's life...no wait, the fourth bad day of Jack Bauer's life came to a close on Monday. Season 4 of 24 is, I think, the craziest season to date. Just so much bad shit happens to Jack, it's enough to drive a guy crazy. This was the first season I watched on TV and not DVD, so it was an experience. Apparently, I'm impatient enough that I can't wait for season 4 to come out on DVD to watch it, but I'm patient enough that I'm able to wait a week between each episode. It's a weird medium.

I liked the season finale. It was great, as 24 tends to be. What I didn't like was how obvious it was that Tony wasn't dead when they thought he was dead, and that Jack wasn't dead when they thought he was dead. Fool me once, shame on you....even though you didn't even fool me once. But I know people who fell for it with Tony but not with Jack, so I don't think it was very clever to try the same trick twice in two hours. So, the suspense in those sequences was lessened for me, since I knew they weren't dead, but the rest was edge-of-the-seat classic 24 action.

And the crazy chick who likes to be naked (random?) calling Michelle a bitch was funny...if only for how off it sounded. I'd be very interested to see them develop a real sub-plot with this babe that could take the forefront in the last season (if ever there will be one) or a future season. I'd like to think that that's what the writers are doing, since it can't be a coincidence that she's appeared this many times throughout the seasons.

I LOVED the ending. This really sets up the next season of 24 nicely. I can't wait. Could we get a season of Jack away from CTU? How sweet would that be? And yes, they should have played The Incredible Hulk music as Jack walked off into the sunset (that one's for you, Stewie Griffin), but I can let that slide. Everyone thinks Jack's dead! Think of the story possibilities! Friggin' awesome! What I would love to see? Jack's funeral....I wanna see Chase and Kim there, not knowing he's alive, and Tony and Michelle, knowing he's alive...that'd be great.

Here's some 24 season finale trivia, courtesy of TV Tome:

- The finale was followed by a short preview that contained a montage of scene clips from the first four seasons. The announcer said: "On the first day, he saved the President. On the second day, a city. On the third day, a nation. And on the fourth day, the world. But if you think you know what's coming next, you don't know Jack. 24 A new day begins next January, on Fox." This was the first such preview to air after a season finale. So, speculation for season 5: it's Jack Bauer: intergalactic space cop as Jack goes to the next step up from saving the world....SAVING THE GALAXY!!!

- As of this episode, the five people (excluding Jack himself) who know Jack is still alive are: Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler, Chloe O'Brien, David Palmer, and Mike Novick (presumably). I would also like to point out that it is only thanks to Mike (without a doubt, the coolest guy on the show) that Jack's still alive. Mike Novick was the real hero of the season. Anyone else wanna smack that Vice Prez?

- This is the first season to not make use of the silent clock. Didn't know that...interesting tidbit.

- This is the first time the Main 24 villian (namely Marwan) has not been shot. In Season 1, the Drazens were shot by Jack Bauer. In Season 2, Kingsley was shot. In Season 3, Stephen Saunders was shot by the CTU agent's widow Heh...that's weird. The Marwan death scene was fanTASTIC, though. Jack trying to save the villain from falling to his death, but the villain is able to stop him by cutting Jack's hand....awesome.

Overall, a great season, can't really say how it ranks among the other seasons until I rewatch it on DVD back-to-back...it certainly wasn't the worst one, though. Kinda funny how Tony is still listed as a "special guest star" even though he's been in like 80% of the season. Also, I'm no longer afraid of an all-new cast next season for two reasons...(1) we were promised an all-new cast, but eventually got all the old gang, and (2) the new characters that were introduced were all great.

Worst part of the season: FOX promises us that 24 WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER...Air Force One gets shot down, and I'm thinking they've delivered! BUT NO! The president is STILL ALIVE!!! Vomit-inducing. It added nothing to the story since he didn't appear once after that. All it did was take away.

Best part of the season: Jack: "I'm calling the only person I can trust..." AND TONY COMES TO THE RESCUE! Absolutely fantastic.

LOST finale report coming soon!


Blogger Superfrankenstein said...

I agree, the Tony-to-the-rescue moment was the best thing this year.

Second best was Jack delaying a terrorist by putting on a mask and ROBBING A CONVENIENCE STORE.

Third best: Chloe kills!

This year, it seemed less like they were making the story up as they went along.

I love 24, but it makes me sick; if they can use forced confession as a cheap soap opera element ("Jack, if you electrocute my husband's nipples, I won't date you anymore"), then I guess torture has become as American as apple pie.

11:20 PM

Blogger fightclubber said...

Hello, I just happened to come across this blog while surfing...You might not even get this comment, but I thought I'd try anyway. First off: Thank you for having a very clear and concise opinion of probably my favorite show in the world. This comment is very late coming...considering the SIXTH season will be premiering in a mere three days. One thing I was kind of curious about that no one else seems to be pondering: what the hell happened to Baruz!? The last we heard, Marwan didn't know what he wanted to do with him...yet. Did he kill him? Or is Baruz being trained by one of the terrorist cells to become the worlds next big threat?? I have a feeling his brief sense of patriotism and call of conscience was quickly subdued when he learned that his mother was killed because of the broken promises and uncaring attitude of "his" American government. I wouldn't be surprised if Baruz Arahz made an appearance in an upcoming season playing the part of the government's and - ultimately - America's worst nightmare.

8:17 PM


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